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Our Partners


Partner Cooperation AgreementDate of signing
vietnam.png     Vietnam
State Technical University by the name of Le Kui Dona  1. Agreement for practical training 02.11.2005
State Company «High Technology Application Company" - "HITACO"  1. Agreement for mutual cooperation on education
2. Agreement for practical training
20.05.2004, 08.11.2005
germany.png    Germany
Technical University of Kaiserslautern 1. Agreement for academic exchange and cooperation 26.10.2007
Hochschule Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences  1. Cooperation Agreement  24.11.2011
Chemnitz University of Technology  1. Cooperation Agreement  10.08.2012
Institute for Electronic Nano Systems Fraunhofer ENAS 1. Joint declaration of intent 03.04.2019
portug.jpg    Portugal
Faculty of Science and Technology New University of Lisbon  1. Cooperation Agreement  11.07.2012
kz.png   Kazakhstan
Republican State Public enterprise «Rudniy industrial institute» 1. Agreement for mutual cooperation and organization of relations 28.12.2010
Karaganda State University by the name of academician E.A.Buketov 1. Cooperation Agreement  21.04.2011
Almaty University of Energy and Communications  1. Cooperation Agreement  13.12.2011
L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University 1.Memorandum of understanding 03.07.2017
poland.png    Poland
Wroclaw University of Technology  1. Cooperation Agreement 26.03.2007
flag_belorus.gif   Belarus
Belarus State University of information science and radio electronics  1. Cooperation Agreement  20.07.2011
Research Institute for Nuclear Problems Belarusian State University 1. Agreement for mutual cooperation 2013 
Belarusian-Russian University
1. Agreement for mutual cooperation 17.06.2016
Brest State Technical University 1. Agreement for scientific technical and academic cooperation 07.12.2016
Belarusian National Technical University 1. Agreement for mutual cooperation 17.01.2017
flag_uzbeki.png   Uzbekistan
Institute of Nuclear Physics Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan  1. Agreement for scientific and technical cooperation  17.11.2010
flag_latvia.jpeg   Latvia
High School of Management of Information Systems 1. Cooperation Agreement 02.07.2012
taivan-flag   Taiwan
Beijing Jiaotong University 1. Student exchange agreement 
2. Cooperation Agreement
D-Link Corporation 1. Cooperation Agreement 01.01.2012
 chehia   Czech Republic
 Automotive Lighting 1. Cooperation Agreement  21.11.2013
monte   Montenegro
 University of Montenegro 1. Cooperation Agreement  25.10.2013
 ukraine   Ukraine
 Institute of Artificial Intelligence 1. Agreement on partnership and scientific and technological cooperation
italy Italy   
University of Genova 1. Agreement of academic cooperation 2015

fra-f France


Embassy of France 1. Agreement for joining of the partner to the language network of the France Embassy  2015
LLC FRANCOPHONIE 1. Cooperation Agreement 2017


University of Žilina 1. Cooperation Agreement 2017
chinaPeople's Republic of China 
Wuhan University 1. Cooperation Agreement 2017
rfc1394-flag-of-cameroonRepublic of Cameroon
Ngaoundéré University 1. Memorandum of agreement  07.02.2019
eng-flagUnited Kingdom
British study centres group
1. International Memorandum of Understanding 29.01.2019
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